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Adolfo  Valencia 4-Piece Lightweight Set Luggage Set:

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Adolfo Valencia 4-Piece Lightweight Set Luggage Set
Lowest Price: $100000.00 Luggage Guy
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The Adolfo Valencia set offers a sleek modern look including chrome wheels and silver zippers. It's lightweight design and unique three compartment wheeled tote, provides exceptional packing capacity and organization.
Dimensions: Materials:
28" x 19" x 10.5", (11 lbs.)
25" x 17" x 9.5", (9 lbs.)
21" x 14"x 8.5", (8 lbs.)
13" x 17"x 7", (6 lbs.)
1200D polyester
Soft Shell
Weight: 34.00 lbs Number of Pieces: 4
Available Colors: Black Wheels: Inline